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Who does it, will shoot it!

Course dedicated to portrait, for photographers and the photographed.

Technical in-depth course

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar


A very special portrait course where you can take pictures and be photographed and learn study techniques and the use of professional illuminators. You will take home the portrait of your life !!! Each person will be interpreted, made up and combed, assisted in the choice of look (some clothes and a large number of accessories will be made available by the Cà di Faccino atelier), guided in the photographic poses and photographed by the teacher and the other students. The best shots will then be chosen to be post-produced with specific professional programs. You will then learn how to create beautiful portraits and fun back stages, how to pilot and use professional lighting sets, and the fundamentals of make-up, pose and styling useful for photo sessions. Burn the old photos, empty the photo frames, free the walls! Go on a diet and start applying moisturizing masks! Everyone will photograph, everyone will be photographed and everyone will be given some splendid portraits ennobled by the best post-production with decorating the walls of the good living room! Anyone who does not yet have a good level of photographic equipment can still take the course by asking to have one of our cameras in use when available.