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The Po Delta

Special photographic reportage

Technical in-depth course

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

A spectacular day on lagoon boats to reach fascinating destinations in the Po Delta. An in-depth course in the world of photography to improve the quality of your images and learn how to make the most of your camera. The intense practical part of this in-depth course will take place aboard typical boats made available by the tourism department. Together we will create a real reportage in a unique environment in the world, 13 thousand hectares of brackish water enclosed in embankments and bumps, a natural reserve of extraordinary landscape value and a refuge for very particular species of water birds. We will alternate navigation with walks along the thin banks that divide the water, while you will be able to discover and photograph, with all the necessary assistance, curiosities and secrets, animals and landscapes, inhabitants and houses typical of this enchanting natural oasis. In the second part of the workshop, as always, the critical and constructive examination of the images created. Anyone who does not yet have a good level of photographic equipment can still take the course by asking to have one of our cameras in use when available.