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Assisted post-production

Technical in-depth course

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

A day dedicated to post-production and refinement of your technique, reserved for those who have already attended the integrated post-production weekend. You can work on your images using your equipment (monitor, desktop or laptop computer, thermocolorimeter) and thus taking advantage of this opportunity also to verify and check the calibrations of your technical instruments and the setting of your programs. Otherwise, upon notice in advance, you can work on our PCs, obviously equipped with monitors with colorimetric calibration. In the first part of the course you will observe the procedures and techniques used by the teacher to post-produce images of recent reportages. You will then absorb the criteria of the real working method, the correct sequence of procedures necessary for the optimization of RAW files, the tricks and shortcuts useful to make the work faster and more precise. In the second part of the day, once you have installed and calibrated your equipment, you can work on your images, assisted and side by side to find the right levels of optimization and balance useful to bring your RAW files back to optimal conditions. To participate in this stage it will be necessary to bring a series of your images taken in RAW on which to operate. It will also be possible to present images of which it is particularly necessary or interesting to request a technical opinion or an example of optimization. Participation in this working day is limited to a maximum of two / three people at a time. The course, lasting 8 hours, will start at 09.00 and end around 18.00, interrupted by a lunch break organized by us.