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D’Estate Caserta

Production and Realization: Collection Events & Tv productions – Iago Corazza
Director: Claudio Lelli
Director of Photography: Iago Corazza


D’estate Caserta is a journey that tells the five macro-themes that symbolize the most representative productive activities of the Caserta’s province.

The show tells the story of the province of Caserta, whose administration this year celebrates 60 years of life, through the five senses: hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight. The five senses will be as many as the excellences of the territory. The touch is silk, with its impalpable gentleness, the sense of smell is represented by the intoxicating smell of wine, the taste subsides in the softness of mozzarella, sight is satisfied in enjoying the image of the jewel, hearing is lost in the persuasion of music. The location of this show could only be the monumental Royal Palace of Caserta, universally known as the Italian Versailles, and in particular the background of the Aeolus Fountain. This allows us to interlace the history of the show with the Italian history that has seen fundamental milestones mark in the rooms of this city-court. The show is conducted by the splendid Luisa Corna, the new face of Rai Uno for the Domenica In show.