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Galà del Benessere – Rete 4

Production: Collection Events & Tv productions
Director of Photography: Iago Corazza

A journey into the world of wellness through five macro-themes (beauty, fitness, lifestyle, relaxation and health) represented by five symbolic locations for each theme, one of which (Montecatini Terme) will host the main scenario of the show. The format of the transmission aimed for an harmony and happiness expressed through well-being, a 360-degree panorama of everything that can help us feel good in body and mind and, consequently, to live more happily, improving the quality of life, feeling good and fit, eliminating stress. Testimonials will present very special characters, apparently ordinary people, who will amaze, excite and move us with extraordinary performances and stories, highlighting the benefits obtained thanks to the therapeutic power of well-being. Each theme will be further represented through the exhibition of extraordinary artists of recognized national and international fame, linked to the purpose of the event. During the evening some special awards will be assigned to illustrious personalities and an engaging survey will be proposed, concerning well-being.