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Exclusive, intensive workshops, essential to improve the quality of your images, learn to face all the difficulties and problems of photography and reportage, take full advantage of your digital equipment, get to know and set up your camera correctly. Fascinating “live” itineraries, essential for learning and completing the theoretical and technical bases, creating real travel reportages together, supported at all times by all the necessary assistance. Exciting and amusing journeys of different levels, from 3/4 day itineraries to special workshops lasting one or more weeks, developed in countries all over the world to include real exploration workshops. To participate, it is necessary to have a good foundation in photographic technique, which can be learned thanks to our intensive basic photography course. For further information and updated calendars of our courses, workshops and multimedia projections, subscribe to our “Gnusletter” or consult the “Calendar” section of this site.

All these traveling workshops have been developed over years of work, expeditions and research, obtaining privileged access, excellent knowledge of the routes and the collaboration of key-men on site, in order to minimize risks and allow maximum in-depth analysis. The light workshops, lasting 3-4 days, are scheduled for short or undemanding events. The special workshops, on the other hand, are dedicated to special events or the study of more advanced photographic concepts, such as the study of light and composition, and allow you to create true and complete reportages. The photographic assistance during the workshops is complete and the images taken are examined and commented on throughout the course.

Armenia – Sacred and profane

BALTIC PROVINCES – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

Brazil – Maranhao & Pantanal

China – Yunnan

Georgia – The pearl of the Caucasus

India – North East

India Deccan – Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka

India Festival – Kumbh Mela, Dev Divali and others

India Holi – The festival of colors

India Odisha

India of the Sands – Pushkar, Jaisalmer and rabari

IRAN – Among the sands of ancient Persia

IRIAN JAYA – A leap into the past


Ivrea Carnival – The war of the oranges

Japan – Lights and shadows of the rising sun

Japan Hanami – Cherry blossoms

Kenya – Safari and Maasai

Morocco – The desert and the ethnic groups

NEPAL – Maha Shivaratri festival


NORWAY – Live Post Production

NORWAY – Northern lights

NORWAY – Portraits

NORWAY – Reportage in the arctic

ROMANIA – Building a reportage

ROMANIA – East East East

ROMANIA – Live Post Production

ROMANIA – Trades and mysteries

ROMANIA – Unknown


SALZBURG – On the notes of Amadeus

SOUTH AFRICA – Anthropology and nature

South China – Ethnic minorities

SPAIN – Building a reportage

SPAIN – Live Post Production

TANZANIA – Safari, Ongorongoero and maasai

Tribal Ethiopia – Destination Omo river

Tribal Ethiopia – Suri and Danakil

Who loves me follow me – Top secret destination