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L’Ombra di Kate – Short film

Production: Andrea Kercoc for Avogado Pictures Productions
Director: Dario Dalboni
Shooting: Marco Serra
Direction of Photography: Corazza Iago
Interpreters: Michele Russo, Mia Canestrini, Greta Ropa, Maurizio Cevenini


L’Ombra di Kate, part of the 2003 Venice Film Festival, is a 20′ short film that deals with social problems and mental disabilities. The true reality of the older doctor, played by Maurizio Cevenini, clearly collides with young idealism, embodied by Michele Russo (in the Godfather part II). A work that is linked to the considerations, controversies and contradictions that have accompanied people affected by mental disorders since ’79, after the Basaglia law on the closure and transformation of mental hospital.