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“Living in the world” represents a journey through human places, especially in the place of living par excellence: the home. Thermometer of a historical era, faithful anthropological interface, symptom and care of man in space and time, the house is in fact the place that more than any other is able to represent the identity of a culture, highlighting its diversity, characteristics, morphology. This project collects images of homes from all over the world, interpreted by the photographic gaze of the two authors, travelers passionate about anthropology, and aims to restore a vital identity to human places, passing through four declinations of living:

ABSENCE, which with its apparent voids occupies and organizes the space

ESSENCE, which reflects the need for living and the identity of man, the founding elements of communities

EVOLUTION, which represents the transformation of housing needs and the change of symbolic and aesthetic plans

UTOPIA, which outlines an ideal living space to strive for, often regardless of the achievement of results

Houses in the world therefore represent somewhat the starting point of this reflection on man, protective shells, founding cells of societies and economies around the world.

This exciting journey into the human habitation is described through the spectacular images of a traveling photographic exhibition, told by the direct experiences of the authors in a series of conferences and deepened in the large-format photographic volume “Abitare il Mondo, journey in the evolution of human space “published by White Star – National Geographic, on sale in the best bookstores around the world or online: www.whitestar.it – ​​www.iago.com

  • 30 prints 100 x 70, horizontal and vertical (some can be oriented as desired)
  • 30 captions hanging below, 100 x 12 (or 70 x 12 for vertical prints)
  • The images can be hung with thin chains (already included) on any support, thanks to holes with gaskets in the upper corners.
  • The captions can be hung with thin chains (already included) to the relative images, thanks to holes with gaskets present in the lower corners.