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The Last Men

Incredible high quality and large format images. Rites, festivals, sacrifices, traditions and customs of remote tribes that boast a recent past of anthropophagy, photographed by Iago Corazza and Greta Ropa. The spectacular paintings on the faces and bodies, the particular ornaments and the elaborate headdresses are the echoes of a distant world with which the authors, in collaboration with the White Star publishing house – National Geographic and Epson, have inaugurated a series of photographic exhibitions , made with the exclusive images taken from the monograph “The Last Men”.

  • Max 45 prints cm. 135 x 90, horizontal
  • Also 43 captions hanging below, 115 x 20
  • The images can be hung with thin chains (already included) on any support, thanks to holes with gaskets in the upper corners.
  • The captions will be hung with thin chains (already included) to the relative images, thanks to holes with gaskets present in the lower corners.