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We have chosen to characterize this exhibition-meeting, born in collaboration with UNICEF, with the questions that are repeated over and over again by children during our travels. Indeed, we have chosen a single precise word, because it is always contained in the thousand curious questions posed by these children every time we manage to create the space for a close encounter. We have chosen, to talk to our children about all the children of the world, to make them reflect starting from fullness and not from emptiness, to leverage resources and not shortcomings. We “really” want our children to be amazed at the good fortune of having their rights guaranteed, only to find out how many of their peers are still far from this conquest. We “really” want the children who observe these photographs to sense the efforts the world has made over time to guarantee them this protection. The word we have chosen is therefore “REALLY?” because, omnipresent in the questions posed by children around the world, it underlines their disbelief in a different world, the discovery of an alternative life and the hope that tomorrow present may be better.

  • 25 horizontal prints 100 x 75 with captions to be displayed before the educational meeting