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Voodoo Ceremonies

An extraordinary journey through fetishes, customs and ceremonies of the peoples of West Africa, on the trail of a cult handed down for generations and imported by slaves to the New World. A spectacular reportage that shows disturbing aspects of a fascinating and unknown universe, still the beating heart of African religiosity: Voodoo. Unique and shocking images of ceremonies that for centuries have involved the members of these splendid ethnic groups. Guarded by the complexity of myths and occult powers, we show you for the first time images of ancestral secrets, complex and elaborate procedures and ancient magical rituals.

  • 30 prints 100 x 70, horizontal and vertical (some can be oriented as desired)
  • Plus 30 captions hanging below, 100 x 12 (or 70 x 12 for vertical prints)
  • The images can be hung with thin chains (already included) on any support, thanks to holes with gaskets in the upper corners.
  • The captions can be hung with thin chains (already included) to the relative images, thanks to holes with gaskets present in the lower corners.