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Museo Campano

A project conceived by Iago Corazza, who followed the construction and restoration works, and developed by the Panstudio of Bologna to restore and redevelop the Caserta area. This new image of the Museo Campano of Capua is considered of fundamental importance because the enhancement of the artistic, historical and museum heritage is a fundamental asset for the relaunch and development of the province of Caserta and of the whole peninsula. After five years of restoration and an expense of five million euros, the provincial administration of Caserta has managed with this project to restore a worthy location to the collection of Matres Matutae: sculptures, ex voto, tuff (ranging from the VI to the 1st century B.C.) representing mothers seated with one or more swaddled children held in their arms. Artifacts found at the end of the 19th century in an area near the ancient Capua, where a temple dedicated to the divinity of motherhood once stood. The head of state, Giorgio Napolitano, was the first visitor to the New Campano Museum, which has now become of regional importance, but above all a precious treasure chest of unparalleled ancient finds.