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Journey through the evolution of human dwellings

In an era that seems to want to cancel the physicality of spaces in favor of building virtual territories shared in an apparently democratic way, in a reality that tends to shorten distances and times, the “place” launches its ancestral meaning, it does not lose strength but rather claims its symbolic importance by reaffirming and demanding a new and urgent identity. Observing then this kaleidoscope of housing solutions devised, searched and desired tirelessly by man to stay in his own world goes beyond any technical, eco-sustainable, social or strategic curiosity. The house represent a sort of intermediate surface between the internal and external world of the individual, becoming precious anthropological interfaces to give man time to decode the complexity of the world. Adapted to the specificity of the territory, these homes have always represented the protective shell of man, containing him, preparing him for the social and practical needs of his existence. This is why talking about living is perhaps the most interesting way to talk about man.