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Complete guide to photography, basic techniques and practical tips

Taking a large number of photographs does not necessarily lead to improving your technique, especially if a correct method and procedure are lacking at the base. This special guide is the beginning of a real process, designed not only to help you learn the basic concepts easily, but above all to learn to love photography. A manual that develops in a practical and intuitive way a method developed by Iago Corazza during hundreds of reportage around the world, often made with the help of the students of his special photography school. A guide capable of driving enthusiasts along this path thanks to the simplicity and comprehensibility of the examples, the spectacularity of the images and of a layout designed to provide innovative and personal interpretations of photographic technique. Having a good technical background not only allows you to solve the always different and often unexpected problems that photography presents with each shot, but also enables you to choose. And choosing always makes the difference.