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The secrets of reportage photography, techniques and procedures

Capturing reality in its most diverse forms, bearing witness to a part of the world, giving a voice to a silent humanity: this is the mission of reportage photography, a creative and emotional process that looks at content rather than aesthetics. An art that requires particular sensitivity in addition to technical skills to cope with any kind of situation. Within the pages of this volume Iago Corazza tells the secrets of the images of him taken during hundreds of reportage made all over the world. A manual dedicated to reportage photography enthusiasts, that kind of photography that is direct witness of the reality that surrounds us and that shows man as it appears in all its forms, where special attention is paid to technical aspects and the choice of the useful procedures for the realization of the engaging and exciting images that constitute the essence of this photographic sector. Keeping in mind that, in any case, every well-made and organized photographic service constitutes, in fact, a reportage.