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A secret jewel in the heart of Europe

An incredible journey to a beautiful country, still intact and in some aspects even mysterious, convinced us to publish a new monograph called: ROMANIA, an unknown jewel in the heart of Europe, published by National Geographic. The few stereotypes through which Romania has been told so far, brought to a series of prejudices that have kept this country out of the circuits of responsible tourism. At the same time, however, these prejudices have contributed to preserving a large number of unique cultural, ethnic and social identities, which today make Romania such a special place to visit and travel. In addition to the heritage of Gothic architecture, Romania captures travelers in the forests and woods of the Maramures region, also called the wood district. The vastness of the Danube delta allows visitors to discover an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna, which make it an excellent naturalistic destination. The splendid frescoed monasteries are World Heritage Sites and beautifully preserved castles such as Bran or Peles pay homage to the mastery of Romanian artisans. Romania is the beating heart of a Europe that is still intact and in some aspects unknown which has somehow managed to preserve its spectacular identity untouched.