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Mario Cucinella, Italian architect, designer and academic, thanks to the research developed by his training center S.O.S. and Wasp’s 3D printing technology. He managed to create TECLA, his project of an eco-sustainable house entirely 3D printed that uses the same raw earth as the material of the place where it was built and on which it rests. TECLA therefore represents an innovative circular model of housing, completely Italian, which brings together the most advanced research on construction practices, an in-depth study of bioclimatic principles and the use of natural and local materials. It is a project with close to zero emissions which, thanks to the use of raw earth, constitutes a pioneering example of building, with reduced waste and scraps and very low carbon emissions.

Photographing TECLA was a challenge, the same challenge that accompanied its construction: exploiting the highest technology to obtain a result on a human scale. Here the photographer has to deal with the internal and external convergence lines to limit the distortion effects and, at the same time, enhance the spectacular material effect of the printed earth to the maximum.

The results greatly satisfied Iago, but above all they were appreciated by Mario who, thanks also to these images, was able to transfer these contents to the media all over the world.

TECLA is above all this, and it is also for this reason that Iago remains particularly proud of these images, also used to create the opening film of the London Design Biennale 2021.