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Red lights and almond-shaped eyes

Hostess clubs stand out everywhere in Kabuchicho and, recently, host clubs. The demand for women, in fact, increases every day, and here is flashing in the alleys of the historic red district of Tokyo signs made up of dozens of photographs, all similar, of winking toy boys.

Although prostitution has been illegal in Japan since 1956, some areas, such as kabuchicho, seem to enjoy a particular exemption. The Japanese sex industry, thanks also to the influence of Shintoism which freed the consciences of this country from the sense of sin, also proliferates by diversifying its offers.

Just think of some exclusive fetish bars in which, for example, kinbaku, the ancient erotic art of binding, is practiced. The Japanese have always loved bondage, due to the high aesthetic content of this practice, which ritualizes extreme attention to detail, elevating it to artistic expression.

In the widespread Cosplay bars, sex is contemplative, in all possible forms. For example, it is possible to indicate which costume the girls should indicate, and spy on them while they are wearing it. In addition, the girl will allow the lucky customer to put some chips in the appropriate slot of the shoes. And in doing so she will show her panties.

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