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An ancient ancestral rite

In the communities of these populations, the elongation of the skull was caused by binding the baby’s head after applying two wooden boards to the sides. With growth, the normal welds of the skull were thus modified, making it longer and pointed.

These populations believed that this practice increased the mental abilities of the subject, normally destined for leadership roles or royal inheritances. However, no scientific or historical evidence has ever confirmed this theory.

During the making of a reportage I got information about a population still addicted to dolichocephaly, and I was able to be taken to a microscopic islet, where I met a woman with traces of this practice.

This woman, however, explained to me that the practice on her had been interrupted due to the birth of a male child. After a few days I managed to track down her brother, who in fact had a very strong dolichocephaly, and exhibited a very elongated and crushed skull on the sides of her, truly impressive.

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