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Agra (India)

Contemporary heroines

In Agra, a few steps from the famous Taj Mahal symbol of an ancient and traditional India, the Sheroes Hangout Cafè is the emblem of a modern India that tries to eradicate injustice and prejudice. The road is still uphill, but this place represents a strong signal for Indian society and for the rest of the world.

Cook, waitress, cleaner, accountant, each of these women in addition to being proudly engaged in a small business activity that allows them to live in dignity, claim with their work the right to be reintegrated into society.

The most serious problem for women, often very young, victims of acid attacks is having to bear the shame of this brutality on their skin for a lifetime.

Often, as consequence of this “mark”, girls are rejected not only by society, but also by their families of origin. This delightful place is therefore not just a place to drink a good coffee, but represents a concrete alternative and a right to dignity and the restitution of one’s life.

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