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The festival of colors

In other cultures, it corresponds to the spring festival, when there is an abundance of flowers and fruit. The night before the party, bonfires are lit in every street. The next morning, to symbolize spring, colored powders and water are scattered on the ashes.

During the festival, also in honor of God Krishna, everyone paints their faces and throws colored powders and liquids at them as a sign of good luck. Being “smeared” with color is a sign of great affection and participation, and color reigns supreme in the streets and alleys of every city.

The social element during the Holi festival is the unity between adults and children, between rich and poor. The party teaches us to start the new year with a feeling of peace, cooperation and equality with everyone.

Holi also means burning the impurities of the mind such as selfishness, vanity, lust, through the fire of devotion and knowledge. Inner enlightenment is the real celebration of Holi. The season of spring is the manifestation of the divine, according to the Bhagavad Gita. Holi, it’s his heart.

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