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Sichuan (Cina)

The city of monks

The houses of religious and lay students are built in wood, as per ancient tradition. In the winter months these small vermilion cubes struggle to protect their inhabitants from the icy winds of the valley, and the risk of fires is always quite high.

The city must be self-sufficient as much as possible. To meet the energy needs, even the omnipresent prayer wheels, called chokhor, are equipped with a small dynamo that transforms the movement given to them by the monks into electrical energy.

The academy welcomes all those who intend to rise in spirit and learning. But only the most brilliant monks and nuns, after years of rigorous studies, practices and meditations, are awarded the title of Kenpo.

The monks themselves take care of the maintenance of the entire village, as well as the construction of traditional-style houses, helping each other. Every day, in small kitchens, groups of students prepare meals for all the inhabitants.

The goal of this special training institute can be summarized in four points: to unite Buddhists in harmony; uphold pure precepts; study, reflect and practice the Dharma; spread the Dharma so that all living beings benefit from it.

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