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A Russian enclave in the Armenian heart<br /> <em><br /> </em>

This proud people remain deeply rooted in their ancient traditions, the Russian language and their Christianity. Walking through the dusty streets of Lermontovo and Fioletovo you can see long beards, icy eyes and women with kerchiefs on their heads.

The families take care of the livestock producing excellent dairy products and the typical rye drink. However, it is not easy to access the small and anachronistic rural world of this people who are very shy and dedicate great space and attention to pray.

Today there are about 450 Molokans throughout Armenia while once there were more than 20 villages like these. The community independently administers a sort of civil justice where the elderly, consulting with other members of society, decide and discuss the choices of individuals citizens.

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Invisible Peoples – volume published by White Star – National Geographic