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Monkey Cemetery

In the traditional cemetery there are many wooden plaques complete with the date of the disappearance of the monkeys. Other writings indicate that priests and priestesses, often traditional doctors and experts in ancient divination arts, are also buried in the same cemetery.

An ancient legend tells that a hunter during a walk in the forest saw a group of monkeys gathered around a small vase covered with a piece of cotton. He was struck by this vision as if he were hypnotized and did not shoot animals as he normally would.

He then subsequently consulted the powerful deity Daworo with the help of a village oracle, who suggested that the hunter treat the monkeys as if they were his own family. The Goddess, through the medium, then asked him to retrieve the cotton cloth that covered the vase, and to take it home.

This legend has created a sort of interdependence between humans and monkeys who in this corner of the country are still regarded as people today. When these animals die, a real funeral is reserved for them and they are then buried exactly like the members of the villages.

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