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Tirap (India)

The latest head-cutters

During an experience of the highest anthropological value in a corner of the world that is still very much preserved and home to the last living head cutters, we met the warriors of the Naga tribes such as the Nocte, the Konyak and the Wancho.

Tattooed faces, traditional weapons and rituals, social organization of the villages. A journey not only in space but also in time, where all units of measurement are reset and then disperse in the magic of the rainforests.

A special expedition into the depths of Tirap, one of the most inaccessible regions of this area, during the period in which some of the most interesting tribal festivals are celebrated, such as Chalo Loku.

The chiefs of these peoples, very shy and withdrawn deep in the forests, often gather to decide what is best for the needs of their members. And to quell the disputes that, until a few years ago, were smoothed out with the sword.

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