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Kumming (Cina)

The Incredible Empire of the Dwarves

The Chinese entrepreneur Chen Ming created in 2009 a reality that seems possible only in China and that anywhere in the world would have been blocked from the begininng because it does not conform to the “politically correct”: a fairy-tale village inhabited only by people who do not exceed the meter and twenty high.

Chinese tourists reach this attraction from all over the country, and business is good, so much that the property expects to increase its investment tenfold and to bring the population from 108 to 1000 small individuals in the near future.

In the region, the Kumming park is now part of the tourist attractions, so much that even some schoolchildren visit it. Twice a day the dwarves, dressed as in a fantasy nightmare, dance, sing and represent stories that take their cue from famous fairy tales or theatrical performances, such as “swan lake” which sees them frolic wearing a mini tutu.

Showing paid people grouped according to a special physical characteristic cannot fail to arouse some criticism, but we must also keep in mind a second point of view. For many of the members of the Empire of the dwarves this is perhaps the only way to get a job, independence, some respect from the public towards the “artist”.