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Creation of new living spaces

The life of thousands of people takes place every day on the profile of these pipes and, even in winter, it revolves around their cold roundness. Following these paths in metal, plastic or cement we have seen people born, eat, wash, work, get sick, smile and die on these pipes.

Here the women wash the dishes with still water of a disturbing color, the girls try their hand at the laundry, slapping the wrinkled pipes with soaked rags. Among the rust of large metal bolts, children climb and take their first uncertain steps in a world that they will soon discover complicated.

Among the foundations of giant and opaque buildings where the software that nourishes the contemporary world is written and the border with an immense open-air landfill, it is possible to observe a humanity that has invented a new etymology of the word space.

Life swarms over these “non-spaces” until the pipes sink and disappear underground where they came from or, more often, under the heaps of waste in one of the many city dumps. A colored sea of ​​plastic then swallows the gray of the duct making it lose all traces.

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