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Benin – Togo

Esotericism and religion

An unknown world which, thanks to the closure to anyone who does not have their roots in this land, has maintained and defended the specific procedures and knowledge of this religion, transferring them only orally from their priests to their followers.

In these places the blood flows daily and the knowledge of the magical ingredients is essential to give life and death. In this animist symbolism, the seeds of the man-plant must be watered in order to make the long journey of birth that will last 10 months. Blood, therefore, is the sacred liquid that feeds them.

The word “Vodoun” in the Ewe language means “spirit”. This cult developed in cultures devoid of the use of writing, completely based on oral tradition. For this reason, in these places the word is of fundamental importance and is endowed with extraordinary powers.

In fact, there are more than 600 Vodoun deities, and each of these gods is reserved for a specific sector such as earth, sky, water, atmosphere, war. Traditional Vodouns hold their power in a deep hole carved into the ground, where the magical ingredients that conceal the true power of the God are contained.

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