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Isole Banks

The sound of water

It seems that the historical origin of this relatively recent practice comes from a woman born in the interior of the island who, later on moved to the coast, and began to reproduce the sounds of the that sea she did not know, such as the undertow, the waves, the wind.

In this way a collective musical practice began and spread, immediately appreciated by the local population. This created a new sense of belonging and identity, all female.

Their mouths simulate the sounds of fish and dolphins, obtained by blowing above and below the surface of the water. The red of the hibiscus they wear in their hair stands out among the green drops and against the dark background of the rainforest.

The idea of ​​playing the ocean immediately appeared to us as a practice of great beauty perfectly in tune with this corner of the world, and the melody obtained in this way seemed truly different from all the music we had previously listened to.

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