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Sfilata d’amore e moda – Rete 4

Production and Realization: Collection Events & Tv productions – Iago Corazza
Director: Claudio Lelli
Director of Photography: Iago Corazza


Sfilata d’Amore e Moda was born as an act of love from the fashion side towards the environment, a peculiar and dominant theme of the event. The ecological inspiration offers infinite suggestions and solicitations to the participating stylists, some of whom use eco-friendly materials for the creation of the items presented. The event has transformed over time into an event of extraordinary importance, which was attended by some of the greatest stylists on the national and international scene, broadcast since 2001 for 14 years on Retequattro on early evening. The conduction was committed to Natalia Estrada, then to Cristina Parodi, Paola Perego and, for some years, the splendid Emanuela Foliero. Thanks also to the spectacular artistic performances that accompany the catwalk, entrusted to world-famous artists, and to the excellent testimonials of the fashion houses, Sfilata d’Amore e Moda has over time become a very successful television program, confirming and improving the results every time.