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SKUA Nature Group


Contributing to the creation of Skua Nature Group is a fantastic new adventure. This fascinating project was born from the combination of my travel and photography experiences with those of my friend Max Biasioli, an amazing animal expert and creator of the first Skua facility. During the interesting moments of discussion that led to outlining the first part of the project, we established a priority: to demonstrate that the extraordinary value represented by Nature can also become an economic value. For this purpose it was therefore necessary to organize a real network of nature reserves, where to promote and activate actions dedicated to the conservation and study of biodiversity using funds from naturalistic tourism activities, hides for the observation and photography, photographic tour and activities of bird watching, in collaboration with public and private international organizations. This was possible thanks to a team united by strong motivations, able to develop a precise and necessary naturalistic engineering intervention in various countries of the world, to create a series of sustainable relationships between nature and human activities capable of enhancing the territory and generate the resources necessary to make it self-sufficient. But in particular we considered needful to develop a series of operations in order to motivate the new generations by facilitating contact with nature and investing in the training of adults and especially children through Skua Masterclass and Skua Masterclass Junior, an international academy capable of providing tools, motivations and ecological points of view to benefit from the environment that hosts us in a new way. After only two years, Skua Nature Group is a unique reality that works effectively for the defense of animals, environment and territory.