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Armenia – Sacred and profane

Traveling workshop

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

An itinerary that will lead us between the mountains that were the cradle of Christianity and the immense skies of a country that combines the charm of the sacred with that of the many and proud ethnic groups. An incredible journey that in the shadow of Mount Ararat, where the mythical ark rests, offers spectacular views, different civilizations, medieval monasteries, industrial archeology of old Russia, ritual sacrifices, faces carved by the wind, mysterious funerary remains and much more. We will be guests of forgotten religious communities and have lunch on the rivers and in natural caves, as we cross villages and mountains to photograph this fascinating country. A unique opportunity to hone their photographic skills in the field, bringing home an incredible series of shocking, touching and technically excellent images. As always, during the trip sessions of critical and constructive evaluation of the images will be carried out, to examine the difficulties encountered, the problems that arose during the work and compare the results, discussing, commenting and optimizing the images.