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Japan Hanami – Cherry blossoms

Special workshop

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

A special workshop will lead you directly to the heart of the planet Japan, investigating between lights and shadows, essential elements to understand the extraordinary complexity of this ancient nation. A journey of images and testimonies dedicated to a country that is still able today to amaze, fascinate and propose unprecedented questions and equally unprecedented solutions. An extraordinary kaleidoscope of conservation and rupture, of the past and the avant-garde. A journey through the magic of cherry blossoms, to photograph the Japanese tradition that for more than a thousand years has pushed the inhabitants to real migrations to enjoy the beauty of spring flowering. As always, during the trip sessions of critical and constructive evaluation of the images will be carried out, to examine the difficulties encountered, the problems that arose during the work and compare the results, discussing, commenting and optimizing the images.