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India Festival – Kumbh Mela, Dev Divali and others

Special workshop

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

A series of workshops of great cultural and photographic quality, a shocking expedition into the world of reportage through incredible places, accompanied by those who know their innermost secrets. The routes will however be formidable in themselves and will reserve the central days for the festivals to which they are dedicated, such as the Kumbah Mela, the largest religious event in the world, great excellence of these journeys, or the Dev Divali, the great festival of lights in Varanasi. Exceptional experiences both from the photographic point of view and from the human and anthropological point of view, developed thanks to a deep knowledge of the places and traditions, which will allow us to enter the complex culture of the country. These amazing events will be the occasion to meet some exceptional sadus and nagas during ascetic practices. The groups will be restricted and limited to those who are truly interested in photography and this type of humanity and path. As always, during the trip sessions of critical and constructive evaluation of the images will be carried out, to examine the difficulties encountered, the problems that arose during the work and compare the results, discussing, commenting and optimizing the images.