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IRAN – Among the sands of ancient Persia

Traveling workshop

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

Engaging and interesting workshop that offers various opportunities to meet an extremely fascinating country, which has a lot to offer but which pays the price of a reputation that does not give it justice. The meeting with the inhabitants reveals welcoming people, interesting and eager to confront each other, who show an enthusiasm that we have rarely encountered in the countries visited. The ancient culture of which Iran is permeated transpires in every country, in every architecture, in every conversation, and contradictions with the present are always highlighted. A splendid, unique journey that leaves the desire to deepen and return to add a few more pieces of this complex mosaic made up of culture, archeology, religion, politics, history. Excellent therefore also from a photographic point of view, full of extremely available subjects and absolutely noteworthy natural wonders.