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IRIAN JAYA – A leap into the past

Special workshop

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A workshop among the Dani Papua of New Guinea constitutes a unique experience of contact with one of the last primitive tribes that inhabit this planet. The Papuans, indigenous with anthropophagous habits, owe their prolonged total isolation to the incredible inaccessibility of their territory. Bare bodies and bridges of vines and roots. A civilization animated by a complex system of ceremonies for weddings, victories in tribal clashes, births and funerals. At 1550 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Baliem valley in the center of the Irian Jaya, hundreds of tribes are immersed in the impenetrable jungle that surrounds this beautiful corner of the world. The images that will be possible to take in the villages of the Kurulu tribes, Soroba and other indigenous settlements Dani and Lani will document the customs, rites and daily life of this wonderful ethnic group. The pride with which the women of this people show the amputated phalanxes with stone axes in homage to their dead, the naturalness with which the mummies of the warriors are exhibited who continue like this even after death to participate in social life, the sacrificial relationship with wild animals show the adaptation to a scale of values ​​absolutely in harmony with nature and the environment, the only possible way to survive in such an absolutely inhospitable territory. However, a possible journey, but not for long and not for many.