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NORWAY – Portraits

Traveling workshop

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

The portrait is a very engaging genre of photography because it inevitably establishes a relationship between photographer and subject, a relationship that however tends to shape the final result in some way. Its beauty and appearance, its relationship with the environment, its belonging to its own culture, its involuntary non-verbal are valuable information that a good photojournalist should not neglect. Thanks to this workshop it will be possible not only to learn the techniques for obtaining spectacular portraits during reportage or travels of all kinds, but above all to understand how to create images that show the qualities, aspects and contents of the subject and that somehow reveal its personality and unique characteristics. Interesting characters and anthropological elements absolutely integrated with the territory will be photographed in the special locations that will host this workshop. A professional model will support us throughout the journey, thus allowing us the opportunity to insert a human element in the photographs of magical interiors and in the spectacular images of the environment. A workshop to learn how to collect, with our camera, the fundamental clues that reveal the nature and substance of the subjects.