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NORWAY – Reportage in the arctic

Traveling workshop

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

The reportage is a story in images and in these Nordic lands there is so much to tell. Stories that no one has heard and that few have photographed. Thanks to this workshop we will learn to document events of unlikely characters, particular animals, impossible houses, incredible skies and hidden existences. Stories waiting to be described with faithful eyes and moving images. We will know the techniques useful for capturing moments of life that only ask to be told such as reindeer branding, the days of the Sami, the routes of fishermen, the capture of giant crabs or landings on islands full of birds or seals. We will visit isolated villages, abandoned houses, ports and docks built on the Arctic sea, colonies of very rare migratory birds and spectacular views where the rocky concretions draw twisted and fascinating graphics. We will learn to photograph all this and much more under the enchanted lights of the Arctic.