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ROMANIA – East East East

Special workshop

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

A truly special reportage dedicated to the discovery of unknown places, hidden enclaves and ethnic minorities, places and populations that are not normally reached by our classic workshops in Romania. An exciting journey, a special destination for photographers who love discovery, adventure and photo hunting. We will go through the beautiful natural landscapes of Dobrogea by navigating the Danube delta until we reach the Turkic-speaking populations of Gagauzia in the Republic of Moldova. From here we will enter the fantastic Transnistria, self-proclaimed Republic and never recognized by any state, but which has its own president, its own currency, its own government and even uses its own car plates. We will go to the border with Ukraine in the territories of the last frontier where the Lipovans live, a Russian enclave that fled from the motherland during the religious reform of Peter the Great and took refuge in the isolation of these lands, and where we will also photograph the splendid fish eagles and other animals typical of these lagoons. A journey through an uncontaminated territory, a path of great beauty, culture and history, of isolated villages and ancient houses. As always, during the trip sessions of critical and constructive evaluation of the images will be carried out, to examine the difficulties encountered, the problems that arose during the work and compare the results, discussing, commenting and optimizing the images.