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ROMANIA – Live Post Production

Special workshop

Generic itinerary – you will find updated routes by consulting the calendar

A special workshop at “Last Frontier”, a spectacular nature reserve in western Romania on the border with Ukraine equipped to provide the highest technical and quality standard in Europe for nature photography. Fixed, mobile and floating camouflaged photographic hides, off-road vehicles equipped for itinerant photography, but also excursions through an uncontaminated territory and contacts with local ethnic minorities such as Lipovans. This spectacular workshop, unique of its kind, provides a complete path in the field of digital image management, with special and indispensable insights dedicated to the various photographic genres. Each morning of these intense but fun days of work will be dedicated to the creation of images of a specific photographic type (portrait, landscape, nature photo, animals, reportage) to deepen and consolidate the various photographic techniques by working in spectacular natural and environmental sets. In the respective afternoon spaces the newly created images will be prepared, managed and post produced with specific attention to the most suitable techniques for the different types and for the different subjects, thanks to an educational path that starting from the basics will accompany the students up to an excellent knowledge the method and software used. Students will be constantly assisted and flanked by the teacher and assistants both in the shooting and in the digital processing phases. An exclusive, exciting and productive workshop, which will allow participants to learn and deepen different shooting and post-production methods but above all will guarantee everyone the result of spectacular images already perfectly post produced and archived.