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SALZBURG – On the notes of Amadeus

Light Workshop

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Famous throughout the world for being the birthplace of the great Mozart, the magic of Salzburg has remained intact through the centuries, and capturing it with our cameras will be a real challenge. This workshop, which reserves many surprises and photographic curiosities, will make us fully appreciate the atmosphere, giving us glimpses suspended in time. From the wrought iron signs that decorate the winding streets to the secrets of the ancient doors, from the narrow alleys to the mysteries kept in the courtyards. Hellbrunn Castle will test us with its spectacular water games, and we will face the descent to the salt mines with tunnels and labyrinths that go into the bowels of the earth. And again we will photograph and feed on music, the soul of this enchanting city: night concerts, sumptuous halls but also simple details of an everyday life on a human scale and in close contact with its history and culture. As always, during the trip sessions of critical and constructive evaluation of the images will be carried out, to examine the difficulties encountered, the problems that arose during the work and compare the results, discussing, commenting and optimizing the images.